‘A Little Step’ – Repost with comments

It takes so much to build a website and believe you me, a website is just like a book. It goes through editions. I’ve republished my website more than fifteen times since I first published it. I’ve re-written the ‘About’ four times alone, recreated the Home page three times, added pages and information and contact forms, all in the name of marketing; creating a site that intrigues, informs and attracts people who like what I do and who would like to be notified when a new work comes out. This new WordPress blog is a good example of changes I make to bring new people to the site.

One of the things I’ve learned is that if you want people to come to you, you need to go to them first. You need to follow people who write things relevant to what you do, comment when they post, congratulate them on their highs and empathise with their lows, all the while being yourself (i.e., being real. People spot falseness a mile away). Why reach out? People don’t know you exist if you don’t make the first step.

A Little Step (first published Aug 19th, 2014)

I nervously published my new website last night, let my friends know on Facebook and this morning continued with Smashwords, so that I can upload some free stories soon. What can I say? These are the little steps I was talking about. I’m focusing on the next steps now.

2 thoughts on “‘A Little Step’ – Repost with comments

    • Thank you for commenting and your thoughts! And you are 100% correct. I have also discovered when meeting with authors that each author thinks that if they only accomplish step A, their work is done. I then get to gently motivate them into step B through ∞ . I put the infinity sign there because just as I think I’ve got it as a publisher, I find out that there’s more. So I learn and help in what is probably a never ending cycle.

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