Hello hello hello!

My name is Alicia Thomas-Woolf. I own a publishing company called ada enup. I write stories, poetry, sing and song-write too. I have been blogging my journey as a South African publishing a book in the US, as well as my musings along the way. I first started blogging on Tumblr and have moved to WordPress to try it out.

I will begin by republishing last year’s blog posts on WordPress, in order, then adding some new pieces.

Below was my very first blog, written 38 weeks ago. Please note how it didn’t contain my name or what I was doing or indeed any useful information at all. It made me laugh, though, so I guess that is something.

A Reason to Blog (posted Jul 30th, 2014)

I have discovered, likely like so many bloggers before me, that blogging is a wonderful tool for procrastination. I should be working now, preparing some short stories for Smashwords, but here I am. Blogging. Dammit.

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