‘Dance Steps’ – Repost with comments

More on publicity.

Dance Steps – (Oct 28, 2014)

Publicity is like dancing. Although you can dance by yourself, sometimes it’s more fun with a partner (so long as it is the right partner). Your publicity agent, if you are lucky enough to have one, should ideally love your work. Their passion and excitement will make them want to promote your product, and that is a cut above simply being paid to push a work. This is something money cannot buy, and if you find a partner who would be delighted to dance with you, you can consider yourself one lucky dancer.

Publicity can take a long time because of the preparation and groundwork involved. You know as well as I do that you don’t just get up and waltz, you learn the steps first. You have to find teachers and find a time to practice that also suits your partner’s schedule.

It is sad and true (you’ve probably experienced this yourself) that some people judge others by the way they dance, so if you care about what others think, you need to have practiced your steps, so that you can look good and enjoy yourself – especially if you’re doing ballroom or want to look cool in your crowd.

Your crowd is your genre and you want to make sure that if tango is your thing, you’re tangoing with people who tango themselves, who sell tango equipment, make tango music, provide tango spaces and know famous tango dancers / musicians. You need to show them that you love tango, can discuss intricacies of tango, get what inspires them and know what’s going on in the tango world with its competitions, scandals and trends. You don’t have to move to Buenos Aires to do this because that’s what tango groups and groups peripheral to tango on the Internet are for. The point is, long, long before you display your dance to the world, you have to make friends who will, if they like how you have contributed to their discussions, be the ones watching (and hopefully applauding) your dance.

Publicity can be expensive and you do not want to waste money on buying space on a fancy dance floor that no one who dances your style visits. Figure out where your crowd goes before you pay for anything on Amazon, Google adwords, Goodreads, NetGalley, Library Thing, BookLife, storycartel.com and so on. Beware of high prices. And remember that word of mouth is, very often, the truest tune you can dance to.

So I’m waiting for my dance partners to come up with times in their schedules, I’m working on my various dances and in less than an hour I need to pick up my daughter from nursery school. As I start to finish up this blog post, I am thinking that it’s a good thing for me that dancing is only an extended metaphor that I have played with. I am an atrocious dancer. Although I did learn the first steps of the tango, for an hour during a weekday lunchtime, with a one-handed stranger in Buenos Aries many years ago. And it was fun!

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