Falling off the Net – What happens when life happens

I don’t know about you, and for me the first thing that happens when life happens is that my tech life vanishes. First comes family, second comes work and third comes nothing.

In June, when I left to go to the UK for two weeks, the evening before I left I had everything I could think of in order. I made a quick a cappella CD for my children (‘I love you’ songs containing their names, some reworked ballads and nursery rhymes and my own creations), so that their carers could play it for them while we were apart. I had met or spoken to my authors. I had scheduled a few week’s worth of blog posts. I flew out the country without pyjamas, but that’s what you get when you thinkĀ  you don’t have time to write a packing list.

While I was away, three things happened. One, my cell phone stopped working. Two, I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by belindacrane (thank you, Belinda!). Thirdly, I signed up with IPR License.

I was excited by the latter two and thought the former could be easily fixed. I had plans. And then I arrived back home, where life made fun of my plans in not-so-much fun ways which resulted in much hospital and doctor time for my immediate family and no cell phone for over a month. So, first came family. In the between minutes, I worked. And the electronic platforms I’ve been developing fell flatter than a pancake and nowhere near as nice.

The result of all this is that I’m holding back the publication of Innerone until I have time to honour it properly. I am focusing only on meeting the needs of my family and my authors. And, in the moments between the minutes, I’ll keep you posted.